Ecological connectivity

The Danube river forms an ecological corridor of European importance. While Danube Protected Areas preserve the most valuable sites, habitat fragmentation limits efforts to preserve a cohesive ecosystem. During the project DANUBEparksCONNECTED several important campaigns were launched to strengthen ecological connectivity in all elements water (WILDisland), air (DANUBE FREE SKY) and land (Danube Dry Habitat Corridor, Danube Riparian Forests Corridor).


The WILDisland initiative has developed to a best practice example for EU Green Infrastructure, supported on policy level. The first inventory of Danube islands, flagship sites for intact river ecosystems, prepared the base for conservation and restoration actions, jointly with the waterway sector.

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The Danube is an important flyway for bird migration. Each year, tens of thousands of birds are killed at powerlines. DANUBE FREE SKY raised the awareness, build the cooperation between energy and conservation sector, and triggered extensive investments by powerline operators for bird conservation at powerlines, as best practice for large rivers in Europe. Facing the impact of climate change, the Danube Dry Habitat eco-corridor becomes increasingly important. A Danube-wide Strategy has been elaborated, successful pilot actions contributed to its implementation.

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Danube Dry Habitat Corridor

Dry habitats play crucial role in sustaining biodiversity by harbouring many rare and endangered species. Unfortunately, these dry habitat patches are very often reduced to small remanants in the floodplain areas, resulting in isolation and habitat fragmentation.

The Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Danube Canyon Administrations prepares the platform for future cooperation on this field.

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Danube Riparian Forest Corridor

Also, the Danube riparian forest corridor resulted in a conservation strategy for soft wood forests, as base for follow-up actions within LIFE WILDisland project. The study tour provided a deep insight into Danube riparian forest management. Successful pilot actions have been implemented.

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