DANUBEPARKS Association - a shared commitment to Danube conservation

The DANUBEPARKS Association is the platform for coordinated and extensive collaboration among the various administrations of the Danube Protected Areas.

Building on existing transnational cooperation and successful Danube-wide joint initiatives over the last years, the Danube Protected Areas have developed a strong and enriching partnership. The non-profit DANUBEPARKS Association was founded in 2014. As a clear signal of our long-term and shared commitment to the Danube’s natural heritage, the founding of the DANUBEPARKS Association will enable us to intensify our joint conservation efforts.

An association dedicated to a shared natural heritage

The Danube River Network of Protected Areas brings together national and nature parks, biosphere and nature reserves from nearly all the Danube countries, including Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

The DANUBEPARKS secretariat serves as a hub for coordination, communication and representation, advocating tirelessly for nature conservation along the Danube. The aim of transnational cooperation is to increase both the number and effectiveness of individual Danube Protected Area projects and programmes.


The mission of the DANUBEPARKS Association is to preserve, develop and restore the Danube River, its main tributaries, and surrounding wetlands. As a cohesive ecosystem, it should be an inspiring lifeline for all the inhabitants of this European macroregion.



- ensure the integrity of the ecosystem

- develop the Danube River as a bio-corridor

- support sustainable management of natural resources

- improve the protected area management practices

- raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about the protection of the Danube River.