Donau-Auen National Park

How to get started?

The entry points to the National Park are Vienna and Bratislava.

Trains & Buses:

  1. Bus from Vienna to Orth an der Donau
  2. Train S7 and private ferry from Haslau to Orth. Travel information is available on the website of the National Park.-
  3. Bratislava to Orth an der Donau it is possible to travel by train and bus: -

How to move within a destination?

From Orth an der Donau the different destinations can be reached by walking, kayaking, bicycle:

  1. Boat rental, Hiking trails, bike trails, swimming areas -

You may also find useful contacts below:

    • National Park Centre - +43 2212 3555

    • Donau Auen Train info -

Bike and Boat infrastructure:

The cycling/walking infrastructure is well established

  1. EuroVelo6 Page 49 Transdanube Travel Stories co-funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA, ENI). STOMP Trail #2

Bike rental:

  1. Bicycle rent Shary: +436601190120
  2. Bicycle rent Velopold - +436601190120

For other useful information please contact:

Visitor Center schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum

Schlossplatz 1, 2304 Orth/Donau

Tel. 02212/3555