Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

How to get started?

The destination can be entered from Jasenovac, next big city is Zagreb.

Location: Along the central course of the Sava River, about 75 km downstream from Zagreb, Croatia


  1. https://www.putovnica.net/prijevoz/vlak-zagreb-jasenovac-vozni-red-cijena
  2. Hrvatske zeljeznice https://prodaja.hzpp.hr/en


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How to move within a destination?

From Jasenovac the different destinations can be reached by :

You may also find useful contacts below:

    • The Osekovo Reception Center, Address: Gornje selo, Osekovo, Telephone: +385 (0)44 672 080

    • Visitor and educational centre Čigoč, Address: Čigoč 26, Čigoč, Telephone: +385 (0)44 715 115

    • Visitor and educational centre Krapje, Address: Krapje 18, Krapje, Telephone: +385 (0)44 672-080

    • Visitor and Educational centre Repušnica, Address: Fumićeva 184, Repušnica, Telephone: +385 (0)44 652 427

Bike and Boat infrastructure:

The bicycle infrastructure is well established

  • Amazon of Europe Bike Trail - http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/amazon-of-europe-bike-trail

Bike rental:

  • Bikes can be rented at the Nature Park.

Transport by boat:

- Public:

  • Boat trips can be booked in the visitor centres.

For other useful information please contact:

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution

Krapje 16, HR-44324 Jasenovac