Bird Collision with electricity wires along rivers is an issue of European relevance. Given the well-known impact on bird life (hundred of killed birds/year/10km), the issue is becoming increasingly relevant among policymakers. The awareness differs strongly from country to country. The White-tailed Eagle Action Plan, elaborated by DANUBEPARKS experts, underlines the relevance of collision and electrocution, but the quantification of the impact differs more than for other threats, which is a clear indication of different levels of sensibilisation. Standards for solutions are already available but not yet in place.

The DANUBE FREE SKY campaign cooperates with the energy sector and develops a best-practice approach for European rivers. During the project preparation, an informal network with electricity providers was built up, resulting in cooperation agreements. This cross-sectoral cooperation is the key for a successful implementation of activities.

DANUBE FREE SKY builds a platform for cooperation between nature conservation and the energy sector, raises awareness, defines standards and demonstrates feasibility by implementing pilot actions in most Danube countries. It intends to formulate technical solutions against collision for all wires crossing the Danube, including a road map for its implementation. Standards for marking of power lines will be defined, with a focus on finding innovative marking methods such as marking the electricity wires by drone.