The WILDisland initiative aims to preserve natural Danube islands as flagship habitats for river dynamics. The Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor contributes to strengthen the ecological connectivity and to preserve natural wilderness that exists in the heart of Europe.

Interactive map

The WILDisland map presents the results of the first inventory of Danube islands: over 900 islands were identified along the Danube River which cover an area of more than 138,000 hectares.

Due to their pristine and natural character, 147 islands could be classified as “category A” – these are completely natural islands, representing true river wilderness. Category B refers to islands with a high ecological value and naturalness, but with small human alterations (forestry, river regulation, land use, etc.). Category C presents all other islands that are subject to major human uses but still: they also have ecological values and functions in the Danube Habitat Corridor.

The interactive map provides some key details about each island: size, main habitats, origin of its development, river morphology in the respective river section as the main driver for island formation.

To preserve the wilderness character of the most natural islands (category A), the DANUBEPARKS initiative will award them as WILDislands – as a special and informal certification attributed together with responsible landowners, land users and other key stakeholders.

Anchoring WILDisland on polic level

The WILDisland initiative already received recognition from the EU-Forum of Nature and Biodiversity Directors for establishing the coherence of Natura 2000 sites.

A Danube-wide commitment signed by all DANUBEPARKS directors anchors the WILDislandinitiative. The path for success has been paved, the Danube wide commitment having already triggered the first national declerations for the protection and non-intervention management of Danube island on policy level.

The Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor in numbers

- 3,000 river kilometres

- 912 islands

- 138,000 ha of dynamic island habitats

- 147 untouched or completely natural islands

- 14,000 ha of wilderness

Protecting WILDislands

The WILDisland initiative is currently under the umbrella of the WILDisland - Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor LIFE project, elaborated by DANUBEPARKS and partners representing the waterway, hydropower and forestry sector to protect and revitalize the last near-natural "wild" islands on the Danube.

More about the project and the tool itself can be found at: