Iron Gates Natural Park
Location: -, Romania | Size: 128,000 | Established: 2000

Iron Gates Natural Park

The Iron Gates are the most amazing, most picturesque section of the Lower Danube. At the same time, they are the most obvious evidence of the infinite clash of powers that has been going on between water and rock in order for water to be able to carve a way for itself. With austere majesty and steep walls, towering cliffs line the riverbed on both sides, involuntarily making one bow before this majestic masterpiece of the creator nature.

The immense monument of the Iron Gates, opens up a breath-taking memento for visitors about the continuously competing forces of man versus nature. The panorama is magnificent, overwhelming, an immense, a heroic landscape, unique among the navigable rivers of Europe.

The Iron Gates Natural Park is located at the spot where several major Carpathian and Danube regions meet, thus forming a spectacular landscape rich in biodiversity. This Protected Area is a vital link for habitat corridors in South East Europe.