Rusenski Lom Nature Park
Location: Ruse Region, Bulgaria | Size: 3400 | Established: 1980

Rusenski Lom Nature Park

Rusenski Lom Natural Park is situated in Northeast Bulgaria, along the canyon shaped valley of Rusenski Lom River – the last right tributary of the Danube River. Its area is 3408 hectares. From each altitude in Rusenski Lom Natural Park amazing views burst. Within the endless river valley curves are waved as well as forests, the wild beauty of rock peaks and the old castles and settlements.

Rusenski Lom Natural Park flora numbers 902 species of higher plants. 13 species of Orchid family are fixed in the Park.

Birds amount to a total of 192 species, 174 of them under protection – this is the reason why the Lom river valley has been announced to be a significant ornithological spot; especially interesting for scientists are the rock dwelling species: Egyptian vulture, Black stork, Ruddy shelduck, White tailed Buteo, and owls.

Along the valley 70 out of totally 90 species of Bulgaria’s mammals can be found; 26 of them are various species of bats. The high percentage of rare and protected species of mammals is due to the diversity of living conditions and habitats and proves the exclusive conservational significance of the Park for their preservation.