1st Tourism Product Club meeting - Danube Delta (TDTS project)
August 02, 2021 | News

1st Tourism Product Club meeting - Danube Delta (TDTS project)

On 28th July 2021, the first Tourism Product Club meeting for Danube Delta was organized via Zoom to encourage initial discussion about future potential activities in the framework of Transdanube.Travel.Stories project.

Besides representatives of DANUBEPARKS Network, delegates of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserva Authority (DDBRA) and United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in Moldova were actively participating in the meeting.

After a brief presentation of Transdanube.Travel.Stories project and potential Product Club activities (Mr. Matej Marušić), Ms. Monica Moldovan presented the UNDP/GEF Conservation and sustainable management of wetlands with a focus on high-nature value areas in the Prut River Basin.

The conclusions of this first PC meeting are as follows:

  1. This meeting is the first step in the process of development of a cross-border integrated tourist package Moldova-Romania aiming to establish a new cross-border tourist product (tourist route).
  2. The next activities will continue only after the start of the new UNDP Moldova project (spring 2022) when other stakeholders/new PC members such as local tour operators and local travel agencies should be involved in the process.
  3. It is planned to organize a minimum of 2 more meetings: 1 meeting in Modavia (UNDP Moldova) and 1 meeting in Romania (DDBRA).
  4. In the framework of PC activities aiming to develop a new cross-border route, it is possible to spend the funding on the development of new promotional tools (leaflets, brochures, etc.), organization of meetings, and integration of information about new route into existing information services (apps, websites, etc.).
  5. Representatives of all 3 partners expressed a desire to participate in future activities, emphasizing the need to harmonize expectations and concretize activities.