1st Tourism Product Club meeting - Kopački rit
May 09, 2021 | News

1st Tourism Product Club meeting - Kopački rit

Product Clubs are one of the pillars of the Transdanube.Travel.Stories project. This is a relatively recent form of collaboration of stakeholders within a tourist destination. Product Club members work together to develop new products or to improve existing products.

On the 7th of May 2021, the first Tourism Product Club meeting was organized in Kopački rit Nature Park (Croatia)

DANUBEPARKS has initialized communication between 4 different local stakeholders in Kopački rit to determine: "What we can, and what we cannot offer to visitors?" and "What are the key activities of the future Product Club?".

Besides local Tourist Board Kopačevo-Kopački rit, representatives of public institutions Kopački rit Nature Park and Agency for the management of protected natural values in the Osijek-Baranja County were present at the meeting, together with the representatives of the Institute of archeology (Zagreb).

While working on another Interreg project Living Danube Limes (Roman heritage in the Danube region), local stakeholders received a lot of new information about local archeological sites from the Institute of archeology delegates. Especially, information about a new pilot site Ad Labores - identified with the Kopačevo village on the border of National Park.

Product Club members identified that there is a lot of space for the introduction of new information in the tourist offer of the Kopački rit Nature Park, associated with Ad Labores, as well as potential for cooperation between two above mentioned Interreg project on the promotion of sustainable tourism. 

In the next period, new touristic products and experiences will be developed within this Product Club to promote valuable natural and cultural heritage in the Danube region.


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