20th Steering Group Meeting of EUSDR PA6 - Kopačevo, Croatia
November 08, 2023 | News

20th Steering Group Meeting of EUSDR PA6 - Kopačevo, Croatia

On November 6th and 7th, 2023, in the village of Kopačevo (Kopački Rit Nature Park, Croatia), DANUBEPARKS co-hosted the 20th Steering Group Meeting of EUSDR Priority Area 06 "To preserve biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils".

This meeting had a focus on the reforms of Priority Area 6, and understanding the roles of key actors in implementing the EUSDR. Engaging discussions revolved around the roles of Priority Area Coordinators, Steering Group Members, and Observers, as well as Task Forces and Task Force Chairs.

EUSDR Priority Area 6 deals with a variety of topics, all of which have to do with the protection and preservation of our natural resources. And now, with new reforms even greater emphasis will be on the involvement of stakeholders, experts and enthusiasts who want to work within this framework to implement the objectives of the EUSDR Action Plan, through the following Task Forces:

  • Danube Sturgeon Task Force (DSTF): Protection and reintroduction of Danube sturgeon species.
  • Danube Region Invasive Alien Species Network (DIAS): Control and prevention of invasive alien species.
  • DANUBEPARKS: Cooperation of protected areas in the Danube Region to improve ecological connectivity
  • SONDAR: Soil protection and sustainable development
  • Danube Landscape Task Force (DLTF): Sustainable Landscape Development
  • Masterplan Bavarian Danube (WGMPBD): Preservation and strengthening the biodiversity along the Bavarian Danube

As a side event, a boat trip through the Kopački Rit Nature Park was organized as well as a study visit to the Presentation and Education Center Tikveš which provided insights into the rich biodiversity of the region.

Huge gratitude to the dedicated coordinators, Ana Kobašlić (Croatia) and Florian Ballnus (Germany), for orchestrating this insightful and inspiring event! With the announced reforms, we are sure that PA6 Task Forces will work even more effectively in the future!


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