DANUBE4all: Field Trip to Middle Danube Demonstration Site in Sződliget
July 02, 2024 | News

DANUBE4all: Field Trip to Middle Danube Demonstration Site in Sződliget

On the 1st of July 2024, the DANUBE4all delegation, comprising representatives from BOKU, DANUBEPARKS, WWF Hungary, and BME, visited our Middle Danube Demonstration Site in Duna-Ipoly National Park, Sződliget (Hungary).

Despite the high water levels of the Danube, which hid the groynes that DANUBEPARKS will adapt within this project, the visit was a fruitful opportunity to engage with local experts. The team discussed the upcoming restoration challenges and exchanged ideas on potential activities to involve the local communities in this initiative.

In addition to the ecological groyne adaptation, the overall DANUBE4all project was presented during the field trip. All upcoming activities, deliverables, and the development of the Restoration Action Plan (RAPDRB) were outlined, demonstrating the project's comprehensive approach to ecosystem restoration.

This visit also highlighted the collaborative spirit of the DANUBE4all project, fostering strong partnerships between various stakeholders.

We are excited about the next steps and look forward to implementing the planned activities to restore and conserve this vital part of the Danube River ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

About DANUBE4all:

DANUBE4all is an EU ‘Lighthouse Initiative’ in support of Mission “Restore our ocean and waters by 2030".

This 5-year, Horizon Europe-funded project consists of a consortium of 48 Partners and Associated Partners from 14 European countries.

DANUBE4all aims to restore freshwater ecosystems in the Danube River Basin through the development of a comprehensive, scientifically-based, and practically-orientated Restoration Action Plan (RAPDRB).

For more information visit the official DANUBE4all website HERE.