DANUBE4all - Paradeisinsel restoration scenario agreed
February 23, 2024 | News

DANUBE4all - Paradeisinsel restoration scenario agreed

In the framework of DANUBE4all project, on Thursday, February 22nd 2024, experts from viadonau, including their waterway department; Navigation Surveillance Hainburg; BOKU, National Park Donau-Auen; DANUBEPARKS and the engineering company RIOCOM sat together to discuss the final aspects of the technical planning of the restoration actions targeting the Paradeis Island in Austria. The meeting was hosted by the experts of viadonau, the Austrian waterway operator as the project partner responsible for the implementation of the restoration works and DANUBEPARKS as responsible for the planning and RIOCOM as the company, selected to prepare the technical plans for the up-coming construction works.

RIOCOM presented the results of the recalculations done after the optimizations suggested at the previous meeting and the conclusions on the expected impact of the hydrological regime following the provided revitalization measures of embankment removal and groyne adaptation. The DANUBE4all team was pleased to see that in the second version, the groyne interventions suggested are expected to cause no major impact on the navigation channel. Our colleagues from BOKU also presented a 2D hydrological model suggesting a way to reconnect a currently silted side-arm. The aim of this modeling exercise is to assist the planning and preparation of a second project for reconnecting the river with the floodplains. 

The technical plans will now be finalized with the agreed parameters, so the plans can be submitted to the relevant authorities for approval. Soon, on-site sampling will also start in order to assess the quantity of stones that will be removed and precise the construction costs.

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