DANUBE4all - technical plans for Upper Danube DS presented to authorities
June 06, 2024 | News

DANUBE4all - technical plans for Upper Danube DS presented to authorities

On June 6th, 2024 the technical plans for the revitalization of the Paradeisinsel, Upper Danube Demonstration Site of the DANUBE4all project were presented in front of representatives of the relevant Austrian authorities responsible for National Park and Nature Conservation Law; Water Law, and Navigation Law. The meeting was hosted by the Austrian waterway navigation company viadonau, which is in charge of the practical construction work once the planning is finalized and all permits are obtained. 

The planned measures of embankment removal and groyne adaptation for the restoration of the longitudinal connectivity of a currently obstructed and partially sedimented hind channel on the left bank of the disappearing Paradeisinsel were presented by the engineering bureau RIOCOM. The meeting was also attended by representatives of DANUBEPARKS and the Donau-Auen National Park where the revitalization measures will take place.

The already completed hydrological modeling and technical plans of RIOCOM show negligible impact expected on the navigation route and adjacent habitats with a potential for long-term improvement of the hydrological conditions and ecosystems once the island character of the site is restored.

The project partners addressed some minor comments from the authorities and the plans are expected to be finalized and submitted for approval by the end of June. The responsible authorities agreed to attend a follow-up visit at the end of August 2024 to once again check the proposed measures on-site.

We hope that the technical plans will be accepted and the formal permits will be issued with no obstructions so we can start restoring this valuable Danube jewel already in the winter of 2025.


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