DANUBEPARKS Cookbook is finally out! (TDTS project)
May 26, 2022 | News

DANUBEPARKS Cookbook is finally out! (TDTS project)

We are excited to officially announce that the first DANUBEPARKS cookbook: "One river, ten countries, countless flavours" is finally out! You can download it for free HERE!

Author of the cookbook - prof. Ivan Gašpić - who is a great expert on the topic of the connection between culture, identity, and gastronomy selected 12 amazing recipes which are telling the story of Danubian identity shaped and inspired by the river.

In the cookbook, you can find 1 recipe from each of the 10 Danube countries (from Germany to Romania), and 2 ancient Roman recipes. However, you can also find some information about DANUBEPARKS Network and its 18 Protected Areas.

In the foreword of the cookbook, the editor of this publication - Matej Marušić - wrote:

"[DANUBEPARKS cookbook] can also help us to understand how powerful force the Danube really is. It is not only that water and nature have defined the landscape, but they also defined our history, culture, art, architecture, and many other aspects of our lives - such as gastronomy."

This cookbook is printed in the framework of the Transdanube Travel Stories project (co-financed by Interreg Danube Transnational Programme), so the story of the Returning to the Last Danube trail is also presented in the cookbook by prof. Georg Steiner:

"In the beginning was the Danube - thus begins this story, echoing the biblical account of the Creation. Water and nature have defined the landscape. But mankind has changed it, "cultivated" it, and, in the end, abused it."

Presented recipes are colorful - from main dishes to desserts; from ancient to newer recipes - however, they are all allowing us to connect with the Danube river. We suggest you to take two steps: step #1 - try to cook dishes following the recipes available in the cookbook and step #2 visit DANUBEPARKS Protected Areas and try those dishes in the authentic version. 

Enjoy the Cookbook!


Transdanube Travel Stories is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA, ENI). You can find out more about project HERE.