October 15, 2020 | News


Transnational project to prevent thousands of birds from electrocution and collisions with power lines

  • Project title: Transnational conservation of birds along Danube river
  • Project acronym: LIFE DANUBE FREE SKY
  • Project code: LIFE19 NAT/SK/001023
  • Project duration: 01/09/2020 – 28/02/2026

In view of the current climate and environmental crises, the need of protection of the suffering wildlife on our planet has become more crucial than ever. One of the biggest threats for the wild living species of birds is electrocution and collisions with power lines causing thousands of avoidable deaths and injuries. These threats are targeted by the LIFE Danube Free Sky project representing a unique example of wide transnational cooperation along one of the most important migration corridor, stop-over site and wintering place for many bird species in Europe - the Danube river. The project has officially started on 1st of September 2020 and has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union. During the period of over 5 years of project implementation, 15 partners from 7 countries will develop strong collaboration and implement the most effective solutions in order to prevent existential threats to birds. After this period, the visibility of more than 245 km of top priority power lines will be increased. Also, more than 3200 of the most dangerous poles within the project area will be adjusted to ensure birds´ safety.

Bird mortality caused by interaction with power lines and other electric-utility structures has been documented for over 380 species of birds, including critically endangered and threatened ones. Around 2074 km of 8 types of the above ground power lines dangerous for birds can be found within the LIFE Danube Free Sky project area. Impact of this range of power lines represents serious and considerable threat for wintering and breeding/reproducing population of 12 target species. By installation of bird flight diverters and insulation of dangerous poles in 23 Special Protection Areas and 9 Important Bird Areas, the project will prevent about 2000 individuals of target species (and many more of other species) from being killed or injured after collision with wires and/or due to electrocution EVERY YEAR.

List of beneficiaries

- Coordinating beneficiary: Raptor Protection of Slovakia (RPS)

- Associated beneficiaries which are part of DANUBEPARKS Network:


- Nationalpark Donau-Auen GmbH (NPDA)


- Public Institution Nature Park Kopacki rit (JUPPKR)


- Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA)