New tourist trail and story "Returning to the Last Danube"
April 09, 2021 | News

New tourist trail and story "Returning to the Last Danube"

"In the beginning was the Danube. Being Europe’s most significant river, it nourished, protected, enriched and connected different groups of people as early as in prehistoric times, later providing bonds between countries and nations. It meant vital freshwater, a food source rich in fish, as well as a refuge when needed, with fertile lands, fruit-laden orchards and shady groves providing building materials along its shore."

This is a quote from our new touristic story "Returning to the Last Danube" developed within Transdanube.Travel.Stories project, co-funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme.

The idea behind this story and new tourist trail is the development of new narratives as the strategy to promote the Danube macro-region as a touristic area. Many single sites do not attract tourists enough, but linking selected sites to a story (along a trail) that can be experienced will create interest and lead to a Danube memory.

Destinations on the tourist trail "Returning to the Last Danube" are:

  1. Kopački rit Nature Park (Croatia)
  2. Duna-Drava National Park (Hungary)
  3. Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve (Serbia)
  4. Đerdap National Park (Serbia)
  5. Iron Gates Nature Park (Romania)
  6. Persina Nature Park (Bulgaria)
  7. Rusenski Lom Nature Park (Bulgaria)
  8. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)

During this project, the story focused on the relationship between Nature and Mankind will be presented, and also new innovative tools will be developed to provide opportunities for tourists to experience the story.