Three Networks, Two Macroregions and One Vision (2018-2019)


Project title: Three Networks, two macro-regions, one vision – Development of Green Infrastructure to foster ecological connectivity between Danube, Carpathian and Alps

Project budget: € 45.830,12

Co-financing sources: European Regional Development Fund 

Project duration: September 2018 – September 2019


Mountain regions in the Alps and the Carpathians as well as the Danube floodplain represent some of the most important (semi) natural areas in Central and South-East Europe. Economic development is increasing constantly in this area, resulting in growing pressure on the natural treasures. Transport infrastructures, spreading cities and human settlements are occupying more and more space, causing growing impact of habitat fragmentation and making genetic exchange between wildlife populations difficult. The richness in bio-geographic regions qualifies Central and South-East Europe as model for corridor functionality and the establishment of TEN-G. Facing the leading role of Protected Areas to foster habitat connectivity, in 2016, the Protected Area Networks (DANUBEPARKS, ALPARC, CNPA) formed the "ADC Net”. Their MoC - elaborated under the patronage of EUSDR PAC6 and EUSALP AG7, signed under the Alpine Convention - aims for the realization of common actions towards ecological networks in and among their respective regions, but still waiting for consequent implementation. "Three Networks, two macro-regions , one vision" is now to: - strengthen this strategic cooperation. - anchor ADC Net better on policy level. - identify joint best-practice actions to improve ecological connectivity. - elaborate an Interreg-project proposal to better connect the Alps and the Carpathians through the Danube. - qualify the Networks for future leading roles in the main project. - deliver good practice for cooperation among the EU-macro regions: on site, on operational and on policy level.