Transdanube.Travel.Stories (2020-2022)


Project title: Transdanube.Travel.Stories – Sustainable mobility linking Danube Travel Stories

Project budget: € 1.820.926,66

Co-financing source: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

Project duration: July 2020 – December 2022


The Danube brings together the history of Europe. Humankind used the Danube from the very beginning as a promising place to live and to make business. First settlements date back to 40.000 BC (Schwäbische Alb), the Stone age (Lepinski Vir 5.000 BC) and the Vucedol culture (3.000 BC). Between 2nd and 4th century a.d., the Danube was the political and administrative center of the Roman Empire. Until the introduction of the railways, the Danube provided the necessary transportation possibilities in Central and South-East Europe, making it one of the important trading routes.

Recognizing the vast cultural and natural heritage of the Danube region, the project aims at supporting sustainable tourism in the Danube region by implementing innovative promotion concepts (new narratives) and sustainable mobility management tools.

The project is aiming at improved management (strategies and tools) for sustainable use of the touristic potential of cultural and natural heritage resulting in more European citizens experiencing European cultural and natural heritage.

The main outputs of the project are:

- New stories promoting the cultural heritage in the Danube region

- Guideline for the development of innovative promotion concepts for cultural routes and networks

- Apps and other tools supporting the promotion of the new narratives

- Pilot tours testing green transnational travel products together with tour operators

- Danube Travel Challenge

- Mobility managers for routes/networks

- Mobility centers at selected destinations

- Training course + e-learning module

- Product club meetings


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